Do you know about the ADVANCED STYLE blog?

I've followed it for quite awhile, and should have posted about it long ago...

If you know about Ari and his sidekick Lina, you already have a grin on your face.

If not, you're in for a fun treat, some eye popping photos and quite a few laughs. He's written a book and is now in the process of getting a film documentary together about these awesome gals. Just watching the preview will bring on some giggles :)

Here's a little more info if you're interested. Looks like they've made their goal +


I love love love these gals! Think I finally know what I wanna be when  if I grow up.....

The link to ADVANCED STYLE  is on my sidebar for June's Awesome Blog.

Wanna hang out in NYC with me? Mwahaha:)




And I'm kinda here...for a minute or two.

I wanted to tell about my road trip with Dazee the Saturday before I ran away to....

But it won't be much cause we didn't do much. The place we went to is a hoppin little town in September when they have their celebration. But now? Hmmm not much to see or do, other than ride around trying to find a certain house Dazee was sure she would win in a contest:)

 And walk through a couple of little shops that I FORGOT to take pictures of. I'm so stinkin bad with a camera. But Dazee found a cute little pair of bootie things for a new baby boy that she hopes will be added to the family. Umm ya, if it's a girl she has someone else to give them to:) And I bought some awesomely smellin room spray in a little bottle with "Krumpet's Home Decor" on the lable. Did I say Yummy? Ok, I didn't but I shoulda...

Then we had to stop for food at a little Italian kinda place...dang good Pizza! Here I am sitting next to the silliest sign out in front...
(kyped from her blog)

 I mean, whattheheck did ya expect me to do?  Dazee made me do it anyway, she's such a bully...ya right:)

 And before we left town, another stop for one of my favorite things to put in my belly....
Fries and Ice Cream!

What? Well ya, of course you eat them together.

This one was headed straight to my mouth :)

Never heard of doing that? Just try it. Unlike Dazee who turned her nose up at the thought...

She just ate that green kind...thinkin it was so much better.  NOT EVEN Dazee!!

Ok, this is all I got for now. Hopefully Dazee did a better job  telling about it....while I ran away:)

You should go read Dazee's Frackin Post from last week....right on my friend!






Ok, life has been obnoxiously goofy around here since before then. Went to help my daughter in Colorado move from one little country town with 7 acres of land she didn't need anymore to a cute house, in a nice neighborhood, in the next little town. I tried to get some pics to share. Got a few but haven't had time to post them yet!

I ended up staying an extra 6 days, then came back home to another poke in the nose.....

Involving more moving of furniture

And more messes

Oh and men. Which we didn't have during the moving process in Colorado. (she didn't believe her and her 'old' ma could do it all...I love being right!)

And that is another story........

But I'll at least let you know I'm still alive and kicking, the bruises on bruises are healing to that pukey yellow green color, and hopefully tomorrow afternoon the crew with paint brushes will be done and I can move furniture, and life, back where it should be.

Oh, almost forgot the sweet thing (thanks Jane) I came home to. Among the over 200 email messages was one from Jane telling me my blog was her choice for the Whoo Love's Ya Baby award this month. Oops and a half twice! Here I get a great compliment, and I'm not even here! 


I'll try better soonly, when I'm not in a cocoon like atmosphere anymore.






Enjoy this day with your family, in peace, thankful for your freedom...

I've been in Colorado helping my daughter move into another home, leaving behind memories that need leaving behind....

I'll be back on Wednesday

Stay safe