I had this big idea to take pictures of where I'm living now, then post them so we could all laugh. (Got the pictures off the internet and yes, this is really where I am..)

But for whatever reason, my USB port on the computer won't take the SD card. So much for that idea...

So I took the pictures again using my camera's internal thing. That worked just fine except I can't find the cord to plug into the camera, then the computer....blah!

So, here's the best I can do right now...

I'm living in a dorm room,  on the bottom floor of a building that was built using cinder blocks, probably sometime in the late 1940's or early 50's, on a Military base out in the middle of nowhere.

I've always said this is where the lizards go to die...

The sign out front says 'Bachelor Quarters'

In the dorm room I've brought things from my 'other life' trying to make it somewhat comfy. There are four walls. (duh) On one is a twin bed against the wall, serving as a sitting place during the day.

A sofa table with the TV, a clock and a plant on the next wall. Same wall, my desk with the computer, monitor, speakers, lamp and picture of my kids, oh and my big comfy office chair..had to bring that.

Third wall, a folding table with a microwave, fridge (ya, small) with a plant on top, then the can opener, a hot plate, toaster and crock pot on the end. Then another little table/cart thing with a toaster oven. It has three little wire bin/drawers that I've put my PAPER/PLASTIC plates and cups in. At the end of the same wall is my old cupboard with some food in it.

The bathroom entrance is on the fourth wall, that room having the very basics..sink, small shower and Commode, Toilet or Loo, depending where you live (o:

To let you know how old this small but functional bathroom is, the tile walls are turquoise in color and the toilet has a black lid. The floor is all tiled with little kinda white tiles and black grout, ranging from 1x1 inch to 2x2 inches, making a design. The teeny shower is tiled the same as the floor. There's a new sliding window on one wall and under that, a little radiator for heat.

Funny story about the radiator. When I first came here it was still cold, even in the daytime. If something isn't working, you just call maintenance to come fix it, which I did later the next afternoon . Cold showers are for the young en's... Well, the guy told me the broiler in the basement had quit and they decided not to fix it till next fall, it's going to get hot soon anyway. Ok, I can deal with that...

The next morning as I was ready to get in the shower, I heard a familiar crackling sound that only a radiator can make as it's heating up. All you gals my age will remember it. And yes, heat was coming out to warm my birthday suit just fine. Well, I've still not called to say thanks to the 'fix-it' guys. They may be a bit confused... I just said a little thank you as I looked up..

Ok, continuing on the same wall, there's a small hutch between the bathroom door and a teeny closet door. Then the door coming into the room. The carpet is new and a light tan, and there's a large window on the same wall as the 'Kitchen'.

I'm at one end of the building, so I'm close to the two big metal doors that you need to go through to come in or go out. There's a  l-o-n-g  hallway that I've not wanted to venture down, and a real kitchen about the middle of the building if you want to use it....

Sorry I can't show you some real pictures yet. Hope the USB port hasn't quit on me. I'm just glad to have this all hooked up. And I'm actually becoming a bit cozy here in my little dorm room. 40 years ago it would have been's COED

Now it's just another chapter....

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” ~ Maria Robinson

See ya Yesterday...


Ruth P. said...

Well, I'm gonna file you under 'brave' That is just brave to pull up stakes and start over in a dorm room. Hope it doesn't take too long before you - what, buy a new house? and yes, it does look like the middle of someplace. Someplace with a lot of ....lizards? rocks? But you do have mountains in the background! That would be one of my requirements!
Hope work is going well and the people are nice.

mxtodis123 said...

Wow, it looks like you are in the middle of 'nowhere land'. It's a pretty brave move for you. Hoping housing comes through soon for you. Meanwhile, I will be waiting anxiously to see the pics.

myletterstoemily said...

yikes! i am going to have to look back
a ways to see why in the world you are
living in an 'army barracks.'

i will pray against 'water boarding.'

Pearl said...

Oh my you have a great attitude I just love it. Now here's the plan..when you feel all clostrophobic you run to the store and get the makings for a fabulous soup and bread and salad fixings and you go down the hall to the big kitchen and cook away, the smells of homemade soup will make everyone come running and that's how you will meet Mr. Right. (no kidding) then you tell someone that night that next Wednesday is there turn to cook (ooh I'm smelling the pot luck already) Honey even if just the old farts show up hay they got kids!!! Have fun and I know this new adventure in your life is going to have real meaning! Tell Dad hello!

Sue said...

You are very courageous Vicki. Not sure I could sound quite as upbeat as you about a barracks dorm room, but you actually made it sound not too bad. Looking forward to seeing some pics.



Busy Bee Suz said...

Vicki, I just adore your attitude about your new digs. It does sound comfy from your description too.
Is this temporary, long term? Sounds like if you need to, you can get out and stretch your legs..looks like a lot of OUTSIDE space!!!
I do hope you get your camera/pc thing going so we can get more photos.
I would love to see the bathroom tile!!
Hugs, Suz