Have ya ever wondered 
what that would be like? 
Or even what it means?
Well, lets think about this for a minute...
Does fast mean like in a car? 
Going down the road of life with the 
pedal to the metal.
Not worrying about what may be in the way.
Just keep pushing on toward....what?
Is it on an Expressway somewhere? 
The Autobahn maybe? 
Or just going down a sleepy country lane...
doing 90 and kickin up the dust,
watchin the chickens jump out of the way,
as they cross the road.. 
Or maybe like the speed of light. 
Living a life full of light? 
Guess that wouldn't be so bad.
Except I prefer the softness of lamps. 
Hate the harshness of bright lights,
especially the fluorescent ones. 
How about the neon lights you see in big moving and flashy.
Or in the awesome old movies
where someone sits alone in a room
with neon lights flashing...
off and on, off and on. 
Life in the fast lane...
Maybe it's having a high powered career
that has you going every which way, 
except where you really want to be.
Or maybe it's being the Super Mom,
always running kids to where ever...
all at the same time. 
Well, I'll share my 
Life In The Fast Lane with ya...
Got this email from 
Rocky Mountain Power last week.
It's for my house I just moved out of..
It's up for sale BTW.
Your current monthly electric bill 
in the amount of $1.42 for account #....
is due... 
Awww yes, my kind of Fast Lane for sure...
What's your Life In The Fast Lane ? 
Keep smilin (o: 


Kissed by an Angel said...

I feel like I am in the fast lane at the minute!! I need it to slow down!!!

Sue said...

hmmmm, my life in the fast lane is going to be in one minute - knowing I've been on this computer way too long and putting off using the loo for the last 1.5 hours. One bathroom up two flights of stairs = life in the fast lane.