Ok, this post might be considered a little on the X rated side for some of you ladies...

But if you still venture in, you'll know why.

Ok, you've been warned :)

 This is about ....


I think most of us wear them now. At least in public...

But, if you're like me, it's the second thing that comes off when I get home, if I'm alone, which I usually am. 

(First thing's the shoes no matter who's there)

But I'm a child of the "Ban the Bra" era..kinda
( I was 20)

 And I loved it!

Back then I could even get away with it...not wearing one. I loved the freedom.

Truth is, I was *with child* most of the time and HAD to wear one then.

But in between....

WHY am I doing a post on bra's you ask?

Just because I can....

Actually I read a blog post about how women should get measured for the correct fit. That made me think of the ONE time I ventured into a Victoria's Secret Store...

I was just looking at what they had..or didn't have... and this cute skinny flat chested little whif of a gal came to "help".

I told her what size I needed, got that 'ya, right' look, stood there while she got her tape measure around me, then gave her 'MY look' when she said "Oh, you are a 38DD"

That was about ten years ago when the rest of me didn't fit the boobs.

Now I've *acquired* a nice belly that's finally able to help hold them up..Mwahaha

So now I had to do a little research on the subject....

Oh brother!

But I did find some funnies I think I'll share anyway..

How about this...


Who has so much time on their hands to think of doing this anyway?

Just in case you do, here's the link to learn how..

Then I found this...haha

I remember the 'Moms' having the pointed look :)

Take a look at the price on the box, and the 'One Year Guarantee'

Think MADONNA tried to bring them back....tried.

This is a little too WILD for

 Not sure I'd have been that daring even then...

Ok, now I have to show you all the other crazies I found...just because we need a laugh.

Can you imagine??

Crazy enough for ya?

This one takes first prize...

Ok, hope you got a giggle or two....

OH, one more *Need To Have* thingy....


Keep Smilin (0:


Parsley said...

Okay...this was just too funny! Some of those bras make me cringe.

Mumsy said...

This post is hilarious and I am so with you on not liking bras, hate those things. The bra for many years was the second thing I took off after coming in the door. Now days it is the first thing i take off since I can no longer go without my shoes because of foot problems.

Oh, how good it feels to be shoeless and braless. I think the men should have to wear the bras.

Thank you, for the great laughs, tears are rolling. LOL

Hugs said...

Vicky -

Thanks for the laughter. Of course I read the post as soon as I saw the 'warning'! I have discovered Victoria's secret is that most items they sell are for girls not women!

Your Friend,

Pearl said...

Loved this post it brought me back..yeah I was flatt as a pancake and thought I will never hang when I'm old like my friends. I never wore a bra ever! With each child I got boobs from the first and more from the second. And I hang now, there I admitted it. I still don't wear one accept when I go somewhere. And I'm like you its the second thing I take off!