I got a hug across the miles from a cousin who is going through a tough time in her life right now...we've all been there in one way or another.

She sent me this link on an email and I want to share it with all of you.

Here's part of what she said..

"This is for all the women in my & friends.  Thank you for being there for me  (as my daughter would say) for "a reason, a season or a lifetime."

It's a 3 minute celebration of the circle of strength women share - and it speaks to the undeniable fact that there is comfort knowing you're not alone.

The subtitle of this says it all: "Women to women...Heart to heart." Enjoy!

Love, Jul "

Please take a moment to watch and's so true.

 Just click here

love you too Julene

She's the cute one :)

See ya Yesterday...


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Watched, listened, need to apply.

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Hug, indeed!

And you're both cute!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I love it! Would love to send it to my sisters and daughters and nieces, too! thank you for sharing this - how do I "save" it so I can send it, do you know?

PS- well, they are BOTH cute, so I can't realy tell...

Prior said...

Thanks for joining my blog... I mostly talk about junk: what I do with the junk in my old house, and where I go to see junk! I'm following you as well, now going to look around and get to know you. Lezlee

Viki said...

awww, I think both of you are pretty cute. Loved the video.

Audrey said...

I think you are both pretty cute :) Don't you just love old photo's!

Sue said...

So true and great to be reminded of these truths periodically. Thank you for sharing Vicki.



PS....both you two little gals are adorable!