I'm waiting for some clothes to dry so I can drive down to Fountain Green and sign a sales agreement on the house. ( did I tell you stink bugs live in the basement here? yuck!)

I'll tell more about the house, and the lady who will live in it, another day.

For now, I'm browsing and found something awesome to tell about...


The picture above isn't clear, but it's really the story I want to share.

The name of this Rockwell painting is 'Three Ladies Gossiping'.

The funny thing's one MAN posing as all three ladies for this painting.

His name was James Van Brunt, "a tiny old man with a knobby nose, an immense drooping mustache and heavy lidded eyes"

He agreed to shave off his mustache and pose for all three pictures. Rockwell says he laughed himself silly watching Mr Van Brunt prance around the studio in the long skirts  and little hats.

Knowing the story, then seeing the picture more clearly, you'll giggle too.

The site has clear pictures and tells more stories about the paintings.

This is the collections of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and are on exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.


If you're lucky enough to live close, I hope you can go see it.

If you're like me.....aren't we glad we have the internet :)

Enjoy your Sunday...

See ya Yesterday...


My Grama's Soul said...

Hello friend.....I am so glad we have the internet because I would not have found you!!

What lady..........what house........please tell me more????????(O:(O:



Busy Bee Suz said...

So, you have sold THE house?? that is awesome news.
This is a funny story...for a man to dress like a woman back in the day was a big deal~~

Pearl said...

I had more fun going through all of these pictures and reading them. I only knew the story of "Self Portrait" what a nice read for a relaxing Sunday. Enjoy your week can't wait to hear about your house.