IT'S TRUE.....

Yes, I'm still around.
And I've missed being here.
And I plan to be here more .

Got back from my MOST EXCELLENT ADVENTURE last week. Since then I've survived the jet lag, helped my dad get things straightened around...again, got back into the work routine, been reminded what COLD really is, dealt with network/Modem woes, started to unpacked ( guess I thought if I didn't, I'd still be gone) felt sad that I wasn't vacationing anymore...(I miss ya PJ...) had Turkey dinner with my family,  and GOT ME A LAPTOP! Now I just need to get it figured out :)

Guess this post is mostly to let you know I'll slowly get back blogging. I have some fun things to share about my adventure! I know you'll all say THEN DO IT! And I will... soon as I get unpacked (hehe), take time to be with my daughters little family before they all move to Colorado, help my friend Linda with her booth at the Boutique I started a few years ago (someone else took it over for me so it could, try to do a little housework.. and laundry, send some special little cards to some very special people, make the bed :(  ,  hope the modem woes are fixed so I can figure out the laptop, visit much neglected blog friends again and catch up on some zzzzz's......among other things.

Oh, and here's something to keep you entertained for a bit. Makes my wimpy little string of lights look ....wimpy :)

But I'm glad someone has the talent to keep us dazzled.

Tis the season :)

I tried to embed it but blogger must be a little upset with me cause it won't work.....blah!

Anyway, hope all is well in your lives.

I'll get with the program quicklike :)

See ya Yesterday...One Tomorrow at a Time


mxtodis123 said...

Missed you, my friend. Glad to hear from you and I love the look of your blog.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Good luck with your new laptop! Looks like you have been doing a little blog re-decorating!

Viki said...

Sometimes it's tough being on the computer. I'm going through that right now myself. Computers ugh. Got mine fixed but I'm still having problems with it but don't have time to call the geek squad. Blogger is giving me fits too right now. I'm not a very happy camper. Look forward to reading about your adventure.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Ok, here is the update I was looking for...I am out of order. (should I get a repair man???? :))
Take care, and remember it will all get done, just take your time.