BOSTON...Day 1


Good thing I took notes :)

Ok, picking up from leaving PJ's, Monday November 15th, 2010..
Gave Stu a big hug, got through security in one piece :) and headed to Boston.

Not a long flight, about an hour and 1/2, and I sat by the window. Now I'm fascinated by this flying stuff. I could do this more often for sure!

Got off the plane, called cousin Russ; he picked me up 15 minutes later.

A little about Russ. Holds a PHD in Education, taught school in Italy for 7 years, years ago :), now owns a successful Research company. Doesn't see the need to own a home... Has a son living in New York, a daughter living in Japan. Loves history, Chi Tea, old camera's with film, walking and Boston. Has a little rebel in him...runs in the family :)

Russ lives in an apartment building from the 1930's...really. And it's awesomely still looking like the 1930's. I loved the feel of it..simple and quaint. I wished the walls could talk. I wondered who else had lived there from the last century.  I'm like that :)  I had to take a few pictures of it to share. Just remember, a single man lives here....

 Original everything!

 Yes, this is the ONLY counter space! But Russ is the opposite of PJ's Chef Stu...he hates to cook.

 Hallway leads to the room I slept in.

 Loved the glass door knobs...

 This door leads from the kitchen to the living room..

 Know what this is?

Back in the days, if someone came to visit, they had to call you to be 'buzzed in' and this is where you talked to them. Look at the worn wires...
No, it isn't used anymore...but it's still there :)

 Look at the light fixture in the living room...

 I loved the basket weave floor.

 And look at the inlaid tile...awesome!

His apartment is on the top, forth floor. Not sure how many apartment are in the building, but it's not a big place.
Unloaded my stuff, then we took a walk to the subway. My first ever ride on the subway and I liked it! Pretty convenient and no traffic :)
Got off the train and walked to...


Now I'm in awe. Takes my breath away just thinking of where I was. And makes me mad cause I didn't bring the camera...DUH! But it's something embedded in my mind now for always. The rich wood inside, hiding all the secrets of the ages. Awww, what can you say about something so....awesome. Just thinking of all the minds that have been there, soaking in all that knowledge.

One room he wanted me to see was roped off with a 'Closed to the Public' sign. Russ looked at me, smiled, stepped over the rope and held out his hand. Mwahaha, told you we were rebels :)

I could go on and on but I won't. If you've been there, you know too. The funnest thing was standing outside under the arch at the entrance. Russ told me to put my ear on the bricks, which I did. He was on the other side of the arch and whispered "can you hear me Vicki?" And I could! In the bricks!! Did I say awesome ?

Russ had a friend from college in town so we met him and had pizza. Then walked around a bit and ended up in a cozy little place for something warm to drink. Then the friend went on his way to meet up with another friend. Russ and I walked all over seeing some great older homes, one of them belonged to the poet Longfellow. Saw churches, an old cemetery and then walked across the bridge over the Charles River.Walking back to catch the subway, all I could do was wonder if all this was real...and wish PJ was here to share the giddiness! Course, she's already seen all this...but not with me :(

To Be Continued....
 (I'm tired)

See ya Yesterday...One Tomorrow at a Time


Pearl said...

Love the apartment just the way it is, I can see why he doesn't want to own a home he has everything he needs. Wish I could have seen Harvard! You really get around don't cha? hugs, Pearl

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

I'm basking in the vintage glow of those photos, Jake. Wow!

Busy Bee Suz said...

His apartment looks awesome.
I have not been to Boston, so this is a wonderful trip for me too!!!!

My Grama's Soul said...

Good morning Jake....loved this little tour of this old apartment....I like that everything is original...I have not been to Boston..but do hope to get there someday.

Glad to see you are back posting again...please let us see more of this wonderful trip you took.



Ruth P. said...

Darling apartment!
I love Boston - haven't been there in ages, since my little brother lived there with his family for a spell, was fun to visit.
When you talked about Harvard, it reminded me of the first time I was in Boston with my husband, we were driving around, looking for Harvard. While waiting at a light, a police cruiser pulled up next to us. My husband rolled down his window and yelled across 'how do I get to Harvard?' Without pause, and pulling away as the light changed to green, the cop yelled back 'study hard!'

True story.
And my husband was speechless.