Went back to work today after a couple of three day weekends and two weeks of shortened hours.

Glad all the hoopla of the season is over. Now I can get full work days in again.

Rooms will fill up with beds to be made, showers to be scrubbed, toilets to be brushed.

Always wanted to be Cinderella.....

Hey, somebody's gotta do it.

Ok, on to the days subject.....


Do you leave tips when you stay in a Motel room?

Maybe you think of the person who made sure your room was clean and leave a little green ?

Maybe not....

Had a woman who stayed from June till October last year. Big test going on. Every month she left an envelope at the front desk for me with a tip inside and a nice thank you note.  And I'd always leave a little post- it- note in the room with a thank you for her.

In every room there's a survey for the customer to fill out if they want to. It asks questions about their stay, how the service was etc. Excellent. Good. Poor.

One question asks about the housekeeping service. One man who stayed on my floor for a week filled his out and left it in the room. Under the question about Housekeeping, he wrote...

"didn't use it"


How the hell did he think his bed got made, fresh towels put in the cleaned bathroom and crap he let fall on the floor get vacuumed up for him everyday?

Still can't figure that one out....

Kinda funny when you think about it.

Next time you stay in a Motel room, please leave a tip.

Makes us feel appreciated....

Thanks :)

Don't try to be someone else,
everybody is already taken.....


Ⓙ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

TIPS - "to insure prompt service"...very important in my book, particularly if you're in a motel/hotel more than a night.

People who work in the customer service sector don't tend to make the big bucks. I'm annoyed when people don't tip.

I'm waiting for you to post about the facecloths. Perhaps you could fashion one and photograph it for the visual. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

CATIZ&PawPaw said...

The best tip I ever got when I was a waitress working at JB's when I was going to college. I received a handwritten message that said, "we're poor, but the service wasn't". Of course it was from my roommates.

Richard leaves a tip everywhere we go. "Don't try to grow corn in the winter". I think PawPaw has lost a little of his pea brain.

Catiz still loves pawpaw though.