YIKES! I've had a couple people tell me they couldn't comment on here.

I wanted to comment on your blog but got "Profile Not Available. There must be something wrong with your comment settings.

Then I read this one...

when I went to hit your name on my comments to link back to return your went to "Profile Not Available"... Thank goodness I found you on the Alphabe-Thursday "Q" roster, so that I could come by. Is it cuz you are not "publicly" sharing your profile? (This is what that msg says).

 Now I remember doing away with the profile sharing

( thought it was boring)

but then why can most comment but not others? I have it enabled to any registered users...didn't want all the crap you get with having anyone enabled, and it's been like that for ever...

And so what if I don't share my profile..

what's that got to do with commenting?

Has anyone else had this problem?

Am I just a doofuss?

Comments on this are welcome...if you can comment :)

Life's Full a CHANGES....


Lucy aka Roeann said...

I had a problem the other day but I commented anyway and it seemed to go through. Maybe it didn't. Maybe this isn't going to launch. Maybe I wonder too much.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said... help from me...since I am the one that left you thecomment that I was the one that got the "Profile Not Available" msg! haha

Oh the mysteries! But hey, I can link with no problemo to you if I do go to your link through the Blogs I Browse on my sidebar...(I have ya there so that I can be a little better at keepin up with u!)

...and yeah, to "Aunt Amelia's Attic's" comment...what about those that you once were able to go to, but then get the "blocked msg...only those that are invited...etc..."...*gulp* makes ya wonder "what did I do?"

Anywhoooo...I'm glad I can get you from my sidebar :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

Vicki aka Jake said...

OK, I've put my profile out for all to see again, no biggie. Just hope it fixes the problem. I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE HOITY TOITY ONES! Really...

Thanks for the comments :)