BOSTON.....Day 2

Ok, I REALLY am going to tell the rest about Boston, if anyone is still interested.

It may take me a couple of days,

Then I'll tell about a few changes....

But first, Boston.

In November, 2010

Before TONS of snow covered all the awesomeness....

Already told about my first day and Harvard etc. See this post..

So, on to DAY TWO, which was also my dad's 83rd birthday. And yes, I called him:)

Weather was a little misty, I loved it. We went on the subway, then on a bus that took us to...

 What an awesome place to see. I remember walking out of a 7th grade English class and seeing one of the older girls running down the hall with a transistor radio, crying, and shouting "President Kennedy's been shot..." 2010 was  the 50th anniversary of his Inauguration speech so it was an honor to be here.

There were a lot of memories tucked inside. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I was busy looking at and reading things. I'll share what I did get...

Umm, for Russ :)

After spending most of the morning there, then having my first taste of honest to goodness New England Clam Chowder (yum) for lunch, we rode the bus back to the subway, got on that again and headed to the North End area. Here's a few pictures I took...

 This is the Italian part of Boston. I LOVE Italian food and it all smelled so good! Too bad I was full...
But we did poke into the little place there to the left and had something to snack on and a drink.

Still can't figure out how they park so close.
Or how they get out!

Just so you know, we walked for MILES seeing everything, and I loved it!

We went inside churches. This is St......
ummmm, ok, I didn't write it down, sorry.

 Something about paintings in a church calms a person.
Except Russ, he's busy telling me stuff :)

Russ explained that the dome is resting on the four arches...awesome!

We  also saw this as we were walking along...
Happens to be Paul Revere's home. There was a statue of him on a horse and some other historical stuff nearby but I didn't click the camera.... Russ found another church to sneak into.

Then we walked toward the harbor and saw Old Ironsides. On the way there we took a shortcut, into an area that said 'Do Not Enter' :) and ended up walking across some rotted wooden deck, or whatever it was, jumping across the gaps as we looked down into the water, stepping over old rusted chains and other whatevers, passing a window in the old brick building and seeing a woman at a desk glaring at us....
Then coming to the end...which was a chain link fence about 5 feet high, with a locked gate.

Well, Russ said we could just turn around and go back how we came.
I said "or we could climb the fence "
mwahahahaa ...Cousin Russ met the Jake in me :)

After we hurdled that obstacle, we walked to a place Russ called 'The Mother's Walk'. He explained the highway went through there for years and was awful. So the city fathers decided to fix it up and have the roads go UNDER the street...
 He said it was quite the project, which I couldn't even imagine happening, but now it's quite peaceful...
There's quite a large area of stones with names on them. This is Russ' mother's name..
I thought it sounded like something on a headstone...but Mary's alive and well, living in Idaho :)
Some of the other names were Rose, Kathleen, Robert and Ted Kennedy and a few a lot of other important people that I should have written down :) There were trees, fountains and benches. It really was a nice place within the big city.

It was getting dark and the fog was rolling in...had to take a picture...

 Then we saw the Garden Arena, where I'd be attending my first LIVE NBA GAME in two days :)
Stopped at a restaurant located in the basement of something...and ate the most yummy grilled cheese and fries ever, walked up and down the brick sidewalks of Beacon Hill, then back to the subway....

More tomorrow!

See ya Yesterday, One day at a Time


Pearl said...

So cool to see the old buildings I love the one with the bay windows with all the lovely patina. Church paintings are so cool and I want what you were eating and Im so hungry now. I enjoy these tour with you its fun to see places Ive never been. Keep em coming Jake!!

Lucy aka Roeann said...

I've been to many places but never Boston. For some reason I've missed all of New England. I'd love to go there!

My Grama's Soul said...

Hello dear friend...I'm so glad you showed us these pics of Boston. I have not been there....and I was so amazed at the cobble stone streets that are still there.



Viki said...

You trespasser, ha, ha. Your lucky you didn't fall through the wooden deck. Great pictures. I've never been to any of the New England states.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my...this trip with Russ is the best ever. What a travel guide??????!!!
Climbing walls, crossing bridges, seeing churches...and the food. OY.
Lovely photos Vicki. And really, it makes me want to visit Boston even more.

Sue said...

Some of your pics bring back memories of when we were in Boston. The history there is wonderful!