MAX 'n ME.


If, when you start reading this it offends you,

go away,

move on to another blog,

give me my space :)

OK, if you're still here...

  And if you think this is about looking 40 when you're 50.....


This is a sweet little post about fingers.

Specifically the flipping the finger at someone,
aka, giving them the bird, finger.

Question is....

Who decided to call the middle finger 'the bird'?
And why the middle finger? Was someone just mad and that's the first one that poked up?

Why not one of the fingers on either side of it?
Or even the little one.

Did someone not want to poke their thumb up that day?

Then there's the question of...

Hmmm, wait a minute. What exactly does it mean?

When I was a kid and one of my rowdy cousins showed someone their middle finger, I asked what it meant.

'Up Yours' was the answer.

Ummm, up your... what?


So, that's the vision I had for a few years. I just didn't want to seem REAL dumb and ask where the bucket was.

Then as I got older more mature...

I learned the word 'ass'.

Who decided to call that a bucket?

But NOW...

Seems it means something even more, ummm, descriptive.

Who are these people that keep changing things anyway....

Only two words are needed to tell what it means.

Or maybe just two letters, hmmm.

Either way, I never understood how a bird got involved.

All I know is,

other than the middle one,

A thumb up means..
Great, Cool, Yes, Ok, Awesome,
or whatever good words you want it to mean.
Whatever happened to putting your thumb and index finger together?

The index finger (index?) is the one you point with, or poke with:)

Then there's the ring finger...who decided that?

And the last, littlest finger...the pinky.
Can anyone explain that one?

Ok, so there ya have it.

I gave you...

The Finger...

Or was it....

The Bird?

Don't try to be someone else,
everybody's already taken...


Ⓙ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Hilarious!!!!!!!!! And oddly, eerily, funny.....seeing how I posted what I posted. :)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Hey, all of this is good.

But I really resonate with the Maxine view!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Hugs and ♥'s...
On Valentine Day!

Sue said... your thinking!


CATIZ&PawPaw said...

Up Yours.....!

If you look at your hand when you flip "the bird" you'll see that your other fingers kinda look like your cheeks. NO, the cheeks on your ass, silly.
I think your cousin taught me that.

I'm just sayin. (-:}(-:}