No, not this one...

THIS one...

Don't recognize him?

Maybe you know him later in life....

Ya, THAT one...with all the wives.

And unless it was in another life....

I wasn't one of them.

 Besides, he's not too handsome anyway

And men in dresses just don't do it for me...

So, what does he have to do with me?


Questions first.

Do you do this?

Better yet, do you do this?

Ya, me too. And I know a few friends on here that do it daily :)

And I know there's a lot of controversy over the price hikes

And a few have decided to pull their movies from Netflix..


And many more than a few persons

 have pulled the plug on the whole thing

But for me, for now, I LOVE IT and will pay the extra.

Whattheheck, I'd spend it on something else anyway.


Back to the King and me

THIS is what I've been watching...

Awww yes, dang good eye candy here:)

There's awesome period costumes,

great history lessons

some steamy parts...

And even some 'Off With Their Heads!"

That's where I'm at in the series so far

Remember her?

Not sure?

Then if you have an Instant Queue

Add this..."THE TUDORS"

You'll learn (and see) stuff no History Teacher ever told ya :)

Really, would I tell fibs?

Ok, back to see more....

(ya, this is my social life...remember where I am.. )

Carry On...


PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

It's one I haven't watched yet...even though I'm a fan of everything Phillipa Gregory has written about these folks. No, she didn't write the series. She penned great books.

I shall put it in my queue......on your recommendation.

I shall erase the other two blogs from my blog list......


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I haven't done Netflixs yet - I still have too much saved on my DVR that I never seem to have time for! But the Tudors does soubd great..I will have to check it out...Have a wonderful sweet and safe week-end :-)

Cheryl said...

I'm not a movie watcher. That's my husband's job. Mine is watching reruns of any and all crime shows except CSI.

Busy Bee Suz said...

We netflix. The husband and I (and Lo) have been watching Sons of anarchy. It is similar to the Tudors...about a motorcycle gang that moves illegal guns around the country. Murder. Nudity. Drugs.
See, they are similar.
I have heard that the Tudors is great...I will put that on my to do list.

Pearl said...

I watched this too, real good series. Have fun watching!

silka said...

I think my ex decided to move from Netflix because of prices. But we haven't spoken for two weeks, so maybe sth changed.