(this was a couple of 'em ago)

And it's fun seeing all the litte ones come and get goodies. But then there's the other side of the silliness. The real spookie, gives ya shivers, makes ya wonder kinda stuff in real life.....

Here's something I wrote a couple years ago on my now R.I.P other blog. It's long, so make sure you have time to sit a spell. Some of you may remember it. Others are new here so....

Now, You Tell Me.....

You'll need to keep an open mind here and then let me know what you think.
This is told as it happened...honestly.

Once Upon A Time....

Back in the day's when my then husband worked Contract Mining and was gone for weeks at a time, my Mom lived with me for awhile. I only had my son Kevin, he being 3 years old. We lived in an old house with a front room, heated with an old oil stove, a kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom. The bathroom had a huge claw foot tub that when you sat on the *Loo*, your knees touched the tub. And you could sit on the other end of the tub to wash your hands in the sink. Ya, old houses....oh, and the dirt cellar.

I grew up hearing lots of spooky stories that had been handed down from the old miners. Things like The Lady In Black, The Old Fiddler, The Headless Rider they'd see as they walked home from the mines at night. Oh, and all the scary noises in the mines which of course were the *Tommyknockers*, spirits of Miners who never made it back up out of the hole. But they weren't so spooky when you grew up, just fun to tell the younger kids.

At this time my Mom and I both worked either at the bar or the cafe in town. I only tell this because you need to know about the "Tip" cup. Yep, just what it sounds like. We put our tip money in a big mug and when we needed a loaf of bread or milk or whatever, we just used that money. Mom always went to my Aunt's for coffee every morning. She just lived down the road aways. So this one morning after feeding Kevin, I thought we'd walk to the store and get a few things. Mom was gone so I opened the cupboard to get the tip money....but it wasn't there. The mug was, but it was empty and I had just added to it the night before. Well ok, Mom has it and she's going to the store. So I sat Kevin up on the kitchen table, tied his shoes and off we go to Aunt Marie's to see if Mom is still there.

I walk into my Aunt's kitchen and there they both are having coffee. I ask Mom if she's already gone to the store and if not, I'll go. No, she hasn't gone. Ok, Kevin and I will just walk uptown and then see her at home. But she doesn't have the money....
But it isn't in the mug mom....
Vicki, it HAS to be!

So back up home we go, walk into the kitchen and there, sitting in the middle of the table, is the mug....with money in it....the one that sat empty in the cupboard when I left... the same table I sat Kevin on to tie his shoes..... really. I'm not sure what it was I felt. But I knew it wasn't there when I left and surely there wasn't money in it in the cupboard. I sat down for a few minutes trying to figure out if I was loosing my mind or what. Even Kevin told Grandma the mug wasn't there or he would have sat on it.
Ok, on with life..... whadda ya say....

After that we noticed odd things happening. Nothing creepy or scary, although a little disturbing at times. Small things being moved around sometimes, a cookie gone from a plate I'd just put them on out of the oven. And no, no one else was in the kitchen when it happened. Oh and I must say, there was something about money. A ten dollar bill from Mom's purse came up missing and 2 days later was found on the floor by her bed, in plain sight, the floor I'd swept that morning.

My husband had come home and thought it was all pretty funny. Until things started happening with some of his stuff. He left on a job again...

And how do you tell anyone about this? I told my friend Marelo and she said it has to be a ghost. Mom thought it was the spirit of an old woman who lived in the house at one time years ago. She found a newspaper laying on the step of the cellar one day, dated 1909. I can't say it wasn't there before cause I never went down there. But Mom had and didn't remember seeing it there. She would have noticed and old paper like that.
Things like this carried on for almost a year. But nothing ever really scared me..... until one night when I was real tired. Kevin was sitting with mom watching TV in the front room and I decided I was going to bed. Now you have to think about this for a minute. Say you've been sitting on something for awhile and then get up. Now if you were to put your hand there where you had been sitting....keep that in mind.

I got my nightgown on and walked over to the bed to lay down. I put my hand on the edge was warm. I pulled my had back, then put it on the sheet again and felt the length of the bed. It was cold, then warm, then cold someone had been sitting there in the spot where it was warm. I walked out of the room....with my tummy in my throat!

Mom was scared then and I knew I wasn't so tired anymore. Neither of us wanted to go in the bedroom and there was no way I was going to put Kevin in there. After awhile, Mom got up and went to the old cabinet where she kept a Bible. Then she walked to the doorway of the bedroom, put the Bible on the floor, got some blankets from the cedar chest and we slept on the couch...all 3 of us.

The next morning Mom picked up the Bible, walked to the bed, felt the cold sheet and said she didn't think we'd have anymore *spookies* going on. And there wasn't.

*Just a little something added now*
This happened a long time ago, 1971. Since then I've lived in many different homes, towns and states. And I've always *felt* someone else there... but never have I been afraid.  And now I chock the silly things up to being age related :)

Have a fun and safe Halloween
Think I'll go for a ride...

mawhahahaaa :)


EG Wow said...


Hope you have a happy Halloween!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yep, I believe all of this. Spooky doesn't always have to be scary.
Unless you are 13 when the ghost scares the poop out of you on a daily basis. Like it did to me. Ughhh.
I don't like old homes....and I prefer to never have antiques, because I am sure they are all haunted!!!
Have a great day you cute lil' witch.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Great stories!!!!!!!!!!!!

And tonight, we'd both better remember to bundle up a bit.... Before grabbing our brooms, for a fly-by. 'Twill be mighty cold and windy, up there. In my neck of the woods, anyway.


Gentle hugs,
"Nothing beats a haunted moonlit night on All Hallows Eve.... And on this fatal night, at this witching time, the starless sky laments black and unmoving. The somber hues of an ominous, dark forest are suddenly illuminated under the emerging face of the full moon."
~~Kim Elizabeth

My Grama's Soul said...

What an interesting read today....Jake. I do believe in some of this paranormal stuff....I mean....why can't spirits still be lurking around our world??? Although I'm not sure I would WANT to meet any of my ancestors!! LOL LOL LOL

Have a grand halloween,


CATIZ4PawPaw said...

I always thought you were the witch! Just kidding! What house did you live in? Were you in pig alley?
Your aunt's house was down the way from everywhere.
Happy Halloween, yourself.