Yes, it's Friday, just like every other end of the work week. BUT it's also the Friday when Nelson finds out where his next adventure is going to be.

This is how my day started....

Oh Hi Nelson, why you up so early?

Nelson, it's kinda dark and I really need to visit the loo. Can ya maybe get outta my way?

I know it's Friday Nelson....

 Yes, I know I need to get on my blog and see who wants you to come visit. But first things first..PLEASE!

Nelson, ya gotta let me wake up a little more....

Besides, I need to go to work for awhile first, then later this afternoon.....


You'll be just fine

No, your nose won't fall off and roll under the fridge. No, the Christmas tree won't steal your giggle (????)

And no Nelson, your ears won't melt and short out the Christmas lights.... you don't have ears

Nelson stop flipping that light switch, it isn't helping...

Why are you in my face A.G.A.I.N....

Nelson, I gotta leave so I'm not late

Now promise you'll behave till I get back home
And DON'T play on the computer!

Hi sweetie, were you good? Work day's over and now we can do the Random Generator thing, Ok?
Let's see, there were 15 comments, but only 5 who felt up to the challenge right now.

Nelson, I hear you snickering

Ok here we go....

True Random Number 


Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Well, it wouldn't let me copy the whole thing, maybe someone can tell me how to do that part of it
But that's what it came up with....

So that means.....

1) Dazee Dreamer
2) My Grama's Soul
3) Judie
4) Busy Bee Suz
5) Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B

You're going to FLORIDA!


There's sooo much for you to see

 I bet you'll find some shells

 And see some birds

Yes Nelson, you'll be able to sit and watch the ocean

And meet all kinds of people on a beach


ok, we better see if Suz and her awesome family are ready for you this first....

I'll email her and find out where to send you

Yes, I'll tape the box real good

And you'll get to fly again

Yes Nelson, I'm sure you'll get a kiss or two from her cute daughters

Now settle down and let me take care of the rest of this

ummm Nelson,
why are there pieces of chocolate on the keyboard???

I think Nelson will be getting his own blog now.
Whoever has him will be able to post on it
This should be interesting :)

Carry On.....



Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, I am SO you think Nelson has been to Disney world??? Well, perhaps that is NOT in my don't get him to excited.
Can't wait to see him.
What is this about another blog? I thought WE decided that ONE blog is enough.

GerryART said...

Blog or not, sounds as though Nelson will be on his way to another GREAT ADVENTURE,

Ohhhhh, hope it not tooo HOT ! ! !


Jann Olson said...

Nelson was a bit Naughty. I bet he was playing some of those darn computer games. So glad that he gets to take a fun trip to FL. Sure hope he doesn't melt. You may need to put an ice pack in with him. Well, I'm sure he'll melt the hearts of his new family.
Congrats to them!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm so happy for the winner. And he get to go where it is warm. I can't wait to read all about his adventures.

CATIZ4PawPaw said...

I think you've left a marble or two someplace during your travels. You better ask around and see if somebody has found the marbles you've lost!!!!!

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh sweet Jake.....I LOVE Nelson....I think he SHOULD have his own blog! teehee