I noticed the other day that I had a NEW FOLLOWER!
Woot Woot:)
Of course, I clicked on the icon and went to visit.
My sides are in pain
I roared with mirth...or whatever
I scrolled down to another post and roared some more...mirthfully:)
There's no where to comment
Even tried to send a message from the icon info thingy
Wouldn't let me
Too bad.
I love the wit and humor
Just so you know, it's rated G (?)

And it's not all side splitting stuff
There's some that make ya stop and think...
Wonder why he or she started following me
I get kinda rogue-y sometimes
But whathtehell (see)

Here's the links to a couple posts on this blog
Maybe you can figure out how to talk back
Maybe they don't want us to?

AND since I've been airheaded this week
I'll put a Wordless Wednesday on here too
Cause I can:)

Then later, do a Alphabethingy for Jenny
Cause I better....

  See Ya :P


Ruth said...

Love it, and I'll check out more of those posts. Yes, you can send an email, clicking on the little envelope next to the twitter, etc. button works.
Love to hear from you, guess you are as busy as I am!
Btw., I'm trying to get rid of my captcha question, but I have no clue how to, there is no button to chose to have/have not one... I'd appreciate it, if someone could tell me!

Jane said...

This is Ron Jay who ran 'The Old Geezer Blog' for years, until someone hacked into his account early in the new year I believe and he had to shut it down. he had a couple thousand followers at the time. This is his new blog (he's a follower of mine, and I was a follower of TOGB) - LOVE his writing and witticisms :)

Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm going to have to check out your new follower. Because I can. :)

PS, I've got kind of an idea on our roadtrip. I will check out some stuff on the compute and let you know.

Busy Bee Suz said...

that wasn't very wordless. But nonetheless I'll check it out.