If you've seen my post about Francisca and her goal to help some kids in the Phillipines, and you could help...THANK YOU! And if you couldn't, Thanks for wanting to if you could.

Here's an update...  A  little piece of it taken from her last post, without immediate permission, but she's told me before I could take stuff...I know she'd say it's ok cause that's how she rolls:)

"I am raising funds to get one child OUT of the charcoal factories in the Manila squatter community of Ulingan and INTO school.

I am thrilled that with the contributions of my fellow bloggers and friends I have nearly reached my goal."


Now look at one of the comments

Kay L. Davies said...

I can understand why the dragon loved the scenery, Francisca, stunning indeed.
I am equally stunned by the photo of the children in the charcoal factory. Little bitty children. It breaks my heart. I will send the rest of the money you need to get a child out of there.

DOUBLE AWESOME and a half!!

I went to Kay's blog and ya, I'm going to follow her around now:)

How small this planet is when bloggers unite to lend a hand...nothing can top that.....NUTHIN! (and how weird blogger is with fonts!)

Ok, on to life as it is.....
with a big grin on my heart:)


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

WE ARE FAMILY!!!!!!! That's the song playing in my head. :0)


Barbara F. said...

Bloggers are the best. Funny, a little child touched my heart this weekend, and I did a post to help "spread the word". And we think we have problems sometimes. xo

Jann Olson said...

Hi Vicki, this tugs at my heart. I have not heard of these kids working in Charcoal factories. I would like to donate. What amount are people sending?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I always think that every little bit helps....and those kids are precious!

Cheryl said...

Kay is one of the sweetest women I've come to know through blogging. This? Doesn't surprise me in the least.

You, your friend, and Kay all made my day.