OH PISH......

I was gonna do a post about something I got in the mail.
Another awesome friend beat me to it!
I'll explain in a minute
But first.....
Do you have a MotherHen in your life?
I do
And I Love her to pee-ces (wording will make sense in a few)
She sends me things in the mail 
Like a BIG box of stuff to take care of my cold
Not only Tylenol, Zicam, the Muccus killer stuff etc.
There was also a box of rubber gloves and a box of resporator masks! Along with many more cold fixy things I can't remember cause it's been a couple years ago.
Then she sends me a beautimus Quilt w/Shams
And Canisters that I can keep food stuff in
Another time I get a Big pack of tripple AAA batteries
(I won't say what my first thoughts were...)
Then a few days later, a little book reading light shows up in the needs tripple AAA batteries :)
Then she finds out how often the power goes out around here
So she sends not one but TWO flashlights...with more batteries, three candles and a thing to light them with, AND a First Aid Kit! (no batteries) cause I might fall down in the dark and need a Bandaid :)
Then when my (I'm still mad at him) soninlaw did what he did, a huge box of big, thick, yummy English Muffins and Jam show up

Ya, I could go on and on and....
But I gotta get back to the last thing that came in the mail

Ya gotta read Jenny's Post first

( I know some of you already have) Then come back here cause I'm gonna do a Paul Harvey and tell you The Rest of the Story:)

I'll wait............

Ok, now that you've wiped the tears away from laughing at Matlock, I'm here to tell ya she's right... this stuff is way past Awesome!

Don't believe in Miracles? Try this, you will.

Wanna know what the bo.da.shus ingredient is that makes it work so well? Ever heard the quote "It's better to be Pissed Off than Pissed On"?

Not always true......*snort*

Did I say I love her to PEE-ces?


Let me know how it works for ya:)


Cheryl said...

No Mother Hen. More's the pity. I could use one more often than I care to think about.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I don't have a Mother Hen. I am always busy being a Mother Hen!!! LOL

Interesting product!!


GerryART said...

Dear Mother Hen, I shall give this a try. Can't hurt ! ! ! !
Thanks for 'nother great post.
Oh, I think I've said that before.
Heading for the 'grocery' list to add some miracle elixir.
will send a report
hugs from the gal with the warm feet,

Jane said...

My mother-in-law was my Mother Hen for many many years - she's in her late 80's now and not so frisky or she'd still be sending the craziest (& useful) items clear across the country. We used to suspect that either she had bugged our house or she was psychic - because whatever we might be needing at the moment would mysteriously was freaky! Everything from cabbage rolls to bandages...!!

RoeH said...

Can I borrow your mother hen? I could use her. Funny post!

Busy Bee Suz said...

There is pee in it??? Whose pee????
I need a mother hen...being a mother hen is work I tell ya.

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh ....... I WANT A MOTHER HEN.....I never had a mother hen EVEN when I had a Mother!!!! LOL LOL



Dazee Dreamer said...

That is so awesome that someone does that for you. What a great friend.

Pearl said...

I'm going to try it right away, last night I got the saw out and realized it's time for a coutashe and then your balm. Wish me luck! Thanks for the tip.

Pearl said...

Jakey I added to your post, let me know what you think?