CENTUS #7 PJ and Vicki Collaborate...CONCLUSION

I'm participating in Saturday Centus,
hosted by Jenny Matlock
Visit her to see how others formed a short story from this weeks prompt.

This week I'm collaborating with my good friend PJ

to create what we like to think of as a rolling work, done 
in multiple chapters. The prompt in each chapter is blue:


Briiiiiiiiiiiii-annnnnnnn! Brian, where the heck have you gone to, boy? And where the dickens is your good for nuthin’ father? I swear on all that’s holy, if I find him sitting around reading the newspaper and drinkin’ coffee when there’s all manner of things that need doin’, why, I don’t know what I’ll do! That lawn ain’t gonna mow itself! And he’s been promising to paint the front hall for a dog’s age! Oh, and the two of you need to make a run to the dump. Briiiiiiiiii-annnnnn! Get a move on and help me find your father! Briiiiiiiiiii-annnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Now!

It was Father’s Day, 1984 when I heard that voice in the hallway…


It was Father’s Day, 1984 when I heard that voice in the hallway…


Good for nuthin huh, well if there's anything not worth a piddle around here it's you and yer highfalutin ways. You sashay around here tellin us do this, do that.

The good Lord knows you already keep me busier 'en a one legged man in a butt kickin contest! If I wanna sit and drink coffee all day, that's what I'm gonna do!

You want that dang lawn mowed and that hall painted, DO IT YERSELF!

And YOU run to the dump. It might help get rid of all that baggage yer packin around..


Brian, now wide awake, grabbed two fistfuls of his short hair and then slapped his hands over his ears. “Holy Mary, Mother of God,” he said with a groan.
“Maybe if I go to the dump, he’ll mow the lawn. Maybe if he mows the lawn, she’ll quiet down. Maybe, when I look back on today, I won’t be thinking, It was Father’s Day, 1984 when I heard that voice in the hallway…that voice that preceded the Red Neck War where my parents pecked each other to death. Or maybe I should just leave the gun cabinet door open…” He chuckled at the notion, sighed and rose to face the morning head on.


Hey boy, where ya been? Didn't ya hear that 'ol Hagatha bellerin yer name?

Her hollerin is ugliern at ol mud fence out yonder. And she's meaner 'n a bucket full a boiled owl turds! How'd I ever make it all these years without keelin over with the ol heart bein attacked?

Makes me think on her 'ol granny. Sounds just like her that time I hunkered down out the back door to go fishin.  It was Father’s Day, 1984 when I heard that voice in the hallway…."You good fer nothin, lazy bum of an excuse for a penny's worth! Where ya sneakin away to now?"

Oh crud, here she comes...

CHAPTER FIVE (Vicki again)

Yes,  It was Father’s Day, 1984 when I heard that voice in the hallway…

They talked like they hated each other. If looks could kill, one of them would have been gone long before now. Truth is, they wouldn't have been any good apart.

That day was about getting the lawn mowed. Painting that hallway Mom was wailing about for so long. Sneaking away to fish. The day I'd finally had enough and hollered back at them...loud enough to wake 'ol Rumpelstiltskin himself.

At first, stunned awkward silence. Then defending each other. How dare I.

I've been on the road since, riding the rails and seeing the country. Thinking of that day...


Viki said...

Aww, kind of sad ending but good. Can't wait for this week to see what you two come up with.

Jenny said...

Awww...what a great ending. Really awesome shared prompts this week you two! Really, really amazing!