CHANGE in a BOTTLE... H is for...

Hey Teach...

For me, H is for HAPPY 

cause I'm off on my Excellent Adventure :)

But I still gotta be in class...kinda.

So this week
, H is for....

HUH ? ? ? 

Umm ya...these are funky made-up words
with their own little meanings.

Some were a little tooo funky
so they didn't get to join the class...

Maybe some you wish were on that list too :)

But HEY, gotta keep bein me... 


Maybe you've used some of them yourself.

Maybe ya will now...

Here's my H words :

A Harrison - A code name for a boy when you don't want anyone else to know who you're talking about

H2Hoe - Group of think-their-too-nice girls who should be locked in a tower and drowned!

Habberplabb - Exclamation of frustration

Hack/Hacking - When your trying to figure something out.

Haggard - Messed up or incredibly cool

Haha...Good one, me neither. - When you say something that doesn't make sense, say this phrase to change the subject.

Haints - Scary homeless person

Hairy Pairy Quite Contrairy - A bald person

Hammed - Drunk to the point you're hilarious

Hammered - Really wasted, drunk

Hamokash - Help

Hams - Man Boobs

Hangaburger - Another word for hamburger

Hank Marvin - Said when you are really hungry (starving)

Happy Vest - Straight jacket to a crazy person

Haquioktaha - A noise you make whilst mimicking a pig

Hard Glass - A promise that will not be broken
Harpoon Lounge - To say when leaving a place

Hawaiian Hot Box - To smoke weed in a bathroom while running hot water from the shower

He-bitch-man-slap - An incredibly camp man's slap, or used as a threat ie "Don't make me He-bitch-man-slap you!"

Head - The name you call a person who is being their dorky selves and its a greeting. Like for example: "Hey, how ya doing head?"

Head! - Funny shaped Head

Headuparseitis - Someone suffering from this disease is said to have their own head that far up their own arse that it must be permenant.

Heart - Someone who never gives up and tries really hard ie "What a heart!"
Heffer - a pregnant woman or cow

Hella - Super, a vastly large amount. ex. That hella sucks

Hellbaby - Hot girl

Hench - Big. ie "That gold chain is hench!"

Henry - As in Henry the eighth, 'I picked up a henry tonight'

Herb - Someone who is so outrageously out of style with whatever is normal. ex. a room of goths, a hippie. the 'herb' would be the hippie.

Herchan - Lots of many/plural

Here's your sign! - When someone does or says something completely stupid, this is the reply you should come up with. Inspired by the Travis Tritt song of the same name.

Hero Sandwich - A Giant Idiot

Hexleflux - A state of confusion- i.e- "I'm in a hexleflux"

Heyss - Safe - respect - cheers!!!!

HFFA - Hot From Far Away

hibida-jibida - When you bust your butt on a trampoline and then you fly up in the air and hibida-jibida is the word you scream when you're in the air shouting uncontrolably

Hicklypups - hiccups

High owl-itution of the Oztuhpeedious - Upset Stomach

Hilare - Abbreviated "hilarious"

Himglish - Man speech

Hip to the Jive - Anything that you find cool or awesome

Hippocrocadillopig - The lowest score in the order of rating something.

Hippodogacrocomooseapig - FUGLY
Hissilicious - Great, fun to be with.
Hit and Miss - The act of a male person headed to the bathroom

Hizzle Mc Fizzle - Nose

Ho Butt - dirty person (usually sporting a mutlet)  going nowhere in life

Hoba - Female hobo

Hobbledehoy - The awkward stage between a boy and a man.

Hoblab Cockian - Used when a man says the wrong thing at the wrong time
Hogo - A stink. Use it as "What a hogo..." (Actual word that rarely anyone uses anymore)

Hogwash - Nonsense

Hoikenschlager! - Geez! OMG!

Hojax - To punk someone, or to punk yourself

Holacalhatchi - Holy cow

Holla! - Used as a "ghetto" term, meaning "indeed", or "yes, i agree!"

Holler - "Usually said to member of opposite sex as in, "Hey baby, I just want to holler at you." Meant as term of's like saying "Hey cutie, I want to get with you."

Holy Guacamole - When you are shocked, say it

Holy Crap Premiere Package - The best ever

Holy Shiz Nips! - Holy crap!

Holy Testicle Tuesday - Say that when you see something messed up or off the wall or someone really ugly

Holybejoinkers - It means Cool, or awesome, or anything you want it to

Homanahow - To fully appreciate something. For example: "omanahow this cookie is delicious"

Home-skillet - Cool person

Home-Slice - A really bad gangsta word for a person

Homeslice - A really lame homie, friend

Homeslice - A good mate. e.g. "Ma homeslices were hanging at my house!"

Honk - To throw up.

Honk - When you see something really disgusting and it makes you want to be sick you say, 'it made me Honk'

Hoo Tang - A Tang Party

Hoo-rah Henry's and Their Unicorns - Those annoying upper-class tarts who parade around in Mercs and laugh about how rich they are- and you aren't. They have unicorns because they're sooooo much special-er than us mere mortals.

Hooley - A real boring person!!

Hooper - A very hot woman

Hoopti - A broke-down car

Hooshavitsa - It is alternative way of cussing in a different language

Hooty Scream! - A very funny funny Person

Hopspankula - The tiny heart attack you get when you slip on ice...

Hornswaggle - To confuse someone.

Horrendufied - Adjective to describe how drunk someone is (eg "he was horrendufied last night")

Hosible - Hospital

Hoss - Cowboy Slang: Hoss can be used to replace words such as dude, man, buddy, bro, etc.

Hot box - To smoke weed in a van and get everyone high off the second hand smoke

Hotdog - You say it when you want to change the subject randomly

Hovised - When someone has a head shaped like a loaf of bread.

How she doobie???? - A phrase used to greet another - in replacement of "Hi, how are you?"!

Hoxinated - Hot and you know it

Hublahjenkins - To shout out when you are extremely happy, random, or pissed off.  Used for the main use of happy and randomness. Is the awesomest crazed word around!

Hudubuwah? - Pronounced "Huh-duh-buh-wah?" Response when someone says something confusing and strange.

Huggum - Dried up blood in your nose

Hulabaloo - Noisy

Humanoid - Someone who is not existing or answering you. Example: if you text someone and they dont respond like they usualy do, you respond "Humanoid..."

Humm-Ding-In - Really Smelly Individual
Hunda - Stupid. eg. 'he was being all hunda' or if someone had a stupid idea and you wanted them to stop explaining it to you, you would shout "HUNDA HUNDA!"

Hungry Pants - A constant wedgie where it looks like your butt  is trying to eat your pants

Hunk-a-blunk-a-whoo - Wow!
Husamoboba - Its kinda like when your annoyed because no one will listen to you, you say really loud "HUSAMOBOBA" and they usually go  HUS-A-MO-BO-BAY

Hutchnelpsnot - A fat chick who wears her clothes way too tight

Hwunnie - Another word for something going badly e.g "you have had a hwunnie"

Hymnglu - Phone 

Now you can go see all the Hunk-a-blunk-a-whoo... HERE

Mrs Matlock is so  Holybejoinkers!

Oh, gotta share one more....


And that means...Fear of long words :)

Ok, gotta go find PJ....for real.

Ya, REALLY, I'm here at her house!


And oh, how much fun we're havin....

And the stories we'll tell...

See ya next week...

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Life's Full of CHANGES....


mle said...

Holy Guacamole! I hardly knew any of those terms - I guess I've got some learnin' to do : ) haha

Sue said...



La said...

My aunt's last name is Hooper....I'll have to share your definition with her. Happy Thursday! La

Pondside said...

I can see that I have to spend a whole lot more time with the dictionary.

Life in Rehab said...

I laughed so hard milk came out of my nose. And I'm not drinking milk.

Amiko said...


I am your new follower too...^^

JDaniel4's Mom said...

JDaniel can haquioktaha with best of them.

NatureGirl said...

Get OUT!!! That was hilarious..."Haha...Good one, me neither. - When you say something that doesn't make sense, say this phrase to change the subject." THAT cracks me up!

JJ said...

I am your newest follower from Jenny Matlock. My middle name is Helper. Please follow me as well. Thank you.

The Disconnected Writer

The Cello Strings said...

what a list of H words.
lovely take.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Wow, very cool!

I need to hone up on my vocabulary...

Jenny said...

What a hilarious link to Alphabe-Thursday! I'm glad you're off on your excellent adventure. I bet you two are wearing out your voice boxes...or ummm.... larynxs or something...

Your words just cracked me up! I said them outloud and my dog thought I was nuts!

Hugs to you both!

Thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday even when you're off at PJ's!


Judie said...

AWWWW! Look what you did!! You made me wet myself!! Hhhhhhaha!

Shirley said...

There was a lot of laughter in that post. I need to save it! I need to share it! I have a couple of things I could add, too, maybe we should come up with a Jake dictionary. HFFA - sooooo funny and true! Too many others to list. You are a fun and funny woman. ;)