Well, I'm trying to get some blogging going here.

Wanting to share my Excellent Adventure.

But I need to go help a friend out this weekend.

So I'll start now, then tell more when I get back.

Kind of leaving you hanging huh.


Ok, if you've been trying to follow me lately, you'll know that on November 10th I boarded an airplane. And for the next few hours I sped across the country to the east coast. Farther than this 'ol body's been before.

And what/whom changed my mind about my somewhat childish fear of flying? None other than the infamous PJ! Many of you will nod in agreement and know why I describe her like that. If you haven't met her yet, you need to fully experience blogging by doing so....really. You'll be amazed at her blog posts, her writing talent, her humor and the fact of what a caring person she truly is.  ( I can hear her giggle and see her shaking her head..she's like that) . Here's the link to her.

She's the most awesome soul to have crossed my path. That's not downplaying any other friends in my life. You're all awesome. But sometimes someone comes along and all you can do is breath a sigh of....completion. Like you've known this person for always. Like you've been waiting for them to get back home.  That's the kind of  friend PJ is to me. We're two old souls finally getting back to..... being.

Kinda deep, huh.

Ok, on with the story.

I decided to take the leap and go visit Pj and her family. Not long after that decision, I spent a few days with a cousin from Boston. He came here to see our old family home and what a great visit that was. I told him about my trip and he said as long as I'll be that close, I might as well come see Boston too. Talked me right into it.... :)

If you know PJ, you'll know who The Source is. That's who picked me up at the airport, stopped along the way for dinner and let me experience the best crab cakes this side of Heaven, then delivered me to the driveway.

When PJ and I finally stopped hugging, talking and giggling, I was shown to the guest room. All I could do was giggle some more, look in awe and dab my eyes...

Maybe it's time for a few pictures. You'll have to excuse them not being so clear. The camera was on it's last hoorah...

As you can see, this is a whimsical and oh so cozy room. 
I loved it!

See the canvas bag sitting in the middle of the bed?

Here's a little closer look...

 It was filled full of every little thing I'd need.

 Even things I didn't know I'd need :)

Oh, guess you should know, PJ and everyone there calls me JAKE.

That's another story for another post :)

In the envelope was a card...

How true PJ, how true!

Ok, more sometime soon.

Here's a little peek....

Look close....

And have a great weekend.

See ya Yesterday....One tomorrow at a Time.


Pearl said...

It must have been amazing, I love the bag and especially the Dr. Seuss book? got me curious. It's so great to have a conection like this. I'm happy for ya girl you deserved this! Happy wkend, Pearl

Lucy aka Roeann said...

Well, hey! I'm making flight arrangements right now. That visit looked like lots of fun. It's amazing how many friends we make from blogging. I'd love to have lunch with many many of them. I've only done it once when I was in DC and my daughter and I met up with a DC blogger that we both kept up with. It was fun. PJ is a fun one and I love her blog. Get ready. I come through Utah occasionally. :)

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I spy.........REFLECTIONS! :0)

Wishing you many more flights in the future.

Lovely room and thoughtful hosts.

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh sweet lady.....PJ IS A KEEPER.....i guess you know that!!!!!!



Busy Bee Suz said...

I did not know I could have loved PJ any more...but I do.
I got a Christmas card from her today!!!!
I am so glad you had a lovely certainly were deserving of it.
Love ya...take care, Suz

Audrey said...

What a great room. LOVE the quilt!!
Glad you had an amazing time :)

Naturally Carol said...

That is one georgeous guest room! What a lovely trip...I have finally got around to signing on as your follower. Thank you for being mine for so long.

Jenny said...

Love the pictures!