BOSTON...Day 5

Better get this journey finished....
Let's see, where was I...hmmm.

Oh yes, I told about the Textile Museum, the ride along the coastline, then backtracked to Symphony Hall.

The fifth day was a busy one.

( images from web pages, dang broken camera )

We decided to take another road trip,
this time to Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline MA.
I was so amazed at all they had in there.
I thought it was an elegant mansion of the past, not a carriage house...

Which truly holds the oldest cars I've ever seen. And all different...
Seems Mr and Mrs Anderson collected every automobile they could find; some being one of the first ones made of that model.
You think electric cars are something new? Not even. They had two there made in the early 1900's.

If you want to learn more about this museum, here's a link

After about an hour there, we drove on to the Lexington and Concord areas.

Never dreamed I'd stand on the very place where the Minutemen and the Red Coats stood...
"The Shot Heard Around The World".
 Russ told me the story (been a long time since I sat in a history class) and it gave me chills to think of how the day came to happen and how it unfolded....right on the very site my feet stood...The North Bridge. I think this was my favorite place in Massachusetts to visit.

We walked around town, visiting other historical sites, then needed a snack. This was the First time I tasted Chi Tea and was instantly hooked. Ok....addicted!

We saw the Hawthorn Home and so many other grand homes in the area. I was like a kid in a toy store. I'll be a great historian in my next life :)

After digesting all the history I could cram in my head, we drove back to Boston and got ready for my next First.....a live NBA game!

It was so much fun! I warned the cousin I'd probably be rowdy as all get out...he laughed. And I was. Even got on the big screen for a nano second:)
They played the Oklahoma Thunder that night...and lost :(
Didn't matter, I WAS THERE!

Caught the subway back and got some much needed sleep...

Which is what I plan to do now, so I can tell about my last day in Boston tomorrow.....

See Ya Yesterday...One Tomorrow at a Time...


Lucy aka Roeann said... I'm going to have to read up on the "shot". I can't remember what happened....only that sentence about it being heard around the world. The fun thing about the East is all the history there is to see. I never get enough of it.

Busy Bee Suz said...

It seems your entire trip is one big beautiful history lesson....mixed in with food and fun :)