ACCENTS, HAIR, AND SNOWMEN among other things...


"You have an accent..."

This coming outta the mouth of someone from Carolina..(can't remember if it's north or south)

Of course I said

"No, you have the accent. I talk normal..."

Ya, we all laughed.

Another time when all the seafood lovin guests started mingling, and I was sitting at the table waiting for the next tray of goodies to be done, a guy came to me with his hand out and said...

"Hi, I'm ....(um ya. I'm bad at names too) and you are?"

So I smiled and said...

"Hi (whoever), I'm Jake"

His reply?

"Definately not what I was expecting..."

So I said

"Well, I guess it coulda been George"

Yep, more giggles...with accents.

Then when I met PJ'S dad, the first thing he said was "A female with a boy's name huh?" I guess he had a childhood friend named Jake. Guess I didn't remind him of that friend :)  I just smiled....

 Ok here's a few pictures. I missed so many cause my camera battery died and the other one I brought along wouldn't work! So two days later, I realize it's not the stinkin battery with the problem, it's the bone head who put it in bassackwards....the one with the accent....

AND if you're lookin for pictures of PJ...."It's not going to happen".

That's a quote from her. Ya, she was havin a moment...or three.

She just don't want everyone to see how utterly awesome she is!

But if you look real close, you'll see her hiding behind a blanket in a couple of them :)

And you'll have to get your eyes into the notsofocused mode...

You know,  me .  cameras .  accents . BLAH!

 I took some shots of her house that maybe she'll share with you sometime. But I'll show a few...

I love her fireplace trinkets. Someone may recognize the 'FRIENDS' thingy, it was a gift from another blogger many of us know, and I fell in love with it but I don't have a fireplace..

She's planning on extending the mantle soon. Ya gotta have more room for all the awesome stuff...

Here's Sister Shirley laughing it up with Chef Bob.
Chef Stu is still in the cooking mood back there in the kitchen...

And here's a little shot of the four legged loves in PJ's life, Reeses and Snickers. (or is it Snickers and know me and names...) Such sweeties, but they bark like crazy when you come into the room, so you need to let them smell your hand, then everything is fine. Pretty funny:) Especially when you realize they're guarding a head of hair. Do you see it under the quilt? Ummm ya PJ, you whimp!

Here's a little more of Sister Shirley Shirley Bo Birley. (ya, we call each other names) She's holding her lil rescue boxer. Bo found her wandering on the street. Only she doesn't have room for her with 2 other dogs, so she's trying to find a great home for Keeper...ya, you can smile:) Know of any????

Oh. and notice the cute Rag Quilt sorta sticking up in the air? Ya, that's  PJ aka the head of hair..

 I won't even try to BIGGER this one...tooo blury. I think you can guess who that is with Sister Bo.
PJ poked her head out of the quilt knowing SHE held the camera....but would she take a snap of herself while in her posession? Hmpf...

 I had to get a shot of Baby Kittay stretching out with her whogivesadamn attitude.
 She's soo fat fluffy:)

We went on a little drive the day before I left. I got to do some shopping. You know, a little something to wear that came from clear the heck across the nation! Chef Stu, aka The Source, is a great chauffeur. Besides, he knows the way.

PJ was doing the "Do NOT take any pictures of me!" thing again. Gotta love her:)


Ok, more another time.

Oh wait, do any of you remember NELSON?

Ha, wait till ya see what he did!!

Soon :)


Just a little side thingy here about my Wordless Wednesday last week. I've never eaten much seafood, especially somethin in a shell. But Chef Stu put this thing in front of me and said to try it. Welllll...since I did tell him I'd try to taste everything....and he stood there making sure I did...

So after taking this, umm..kinda squishy thing out of the shell, inspecting it, pulling a face, then seeing Chef Stu watching patiently, I put it in my mouth...

Ok, the flavor wasn't so bad. (but then what did I have to compare it with?) So I started to chew and realized why I didn't want to keep chewing....I mean, it WAS a mussel. Muscle?

So I hurried and swallowed. And there's Chef Stu with his all knowing smile saying "how good it was, huh".   "Ummm, ya, not so bad". What he didn't know is that the stupid thing was stuck in my throat! And it wouldn't go all!

So I politely got up from my seat as he turned back to the stove, and went to the ladies room to get the stinkin thing out before I fainted!! Whew....

Bless his seafood cooking little heart. This is what I came back to :)

Gotta love him, he dressed these ones up for me:)

And I chewed real good this time.

But wanted to take a picture for evidence, just in case the second one done me in!

So goes the story of Jakes first, and last, mouthfulls of  mussely things from the Atlantic Ocean:)



PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Head of hair here.....a lovely post, Jake. Lovely. Mussels? Never ever touch em. Oysters either. I always tell Stu that it's more for him. Oy.

Jann Olson said...

Hi Jake,
What a fun post. It gave me a good laugh. What a way to start my morning. I love most seafood, but can't quite get the courage to try a mussel. When we visited Germany A couple of times Germans would come up to me and speak in German. Guess they thought I was a chubby little German gal. Nada! I only know how to say, "No sprekin se duetch" I'm sure the spelling is wrong, but you get the jist. Thanks so much for following me and I'm glad you entered my give away. Now following you. Have a great week!

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi dear friend...loved this covered the trip in such a great way. Ah muscles......God's creation of the rubber-band!!



LuLu Kellogg said...

Are they just the most fun peeps? I loved visiting with PJ, The Source and all the furry babies!

I am so glad you had a wonderful time!!