Now that sound like my kinda fun!
Kinda hard to do when there's a few inches of snow on the ground. At least there was when I walked to work this morning. Ok, it's melted by now, but still.... It's SPRING TIME Mother Nature! Remember April Showers bring May Flowers?

I don't think she's listening.....

Anyway, I've been having a Puddle Jumpers craving. So I go online and....

Good grief Matilda! Howtheheck is one person suppose to
Pick. From. All. These?

Ready for some eye candy?


Hold on a minute, gotta grab a tissue...I'm still DROOLING!

Ok, do ya have one picked out, or do ya need to see something with a little more wonkiness?

Wonder if there's real laces?

 Ya, those are waterproof rainshooz:)

 Ha, I'd slip and twist my ankle in those ones!

Dang cute Mary Janes:)


Ok, I couldn't pick just one. But If I could, I think I'd get these....

Cool, huh:) But whathteheck, everyone was sold out of them...except someone in the UK on ebay!

Then I thought, IF I ever decide to do this again....

Yep, that's a me for sure:)
And you'd all be invited, but first ya gotta pick a pair...

For now, I'll just keep drooling.
Maybe next year when someone has them,
And they go on sale
And there's really RAIN in the spring!

Then I can go find some puddles...


Kinda love them chickens too:)

BTW, this post is for Pearl  ...cause she know's how to throw a comment my way......Gotta love her:)

Pearl said...
I'm still waiting to find out where the boots on line are that you found on the internet??

Got any Rain Puddles to send me?

Oh wait, I don't have boots :)


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I'm a Mary Jane kind of person. ;0)
Happy Easter to you and yours Vicki.(((hugs)))Pat

RoeH said...

I want every single pair. If I had to live where I would use boots again, I'd have them. So cute!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm all over the tennis shoe ones.

Jane said...

I totally love the same pair as you :) I wear rubber boots all summer long when I work in the garden (rain or shine - so that no creepy crawlies can get me, lol!!) and those would be so much fun.

Pearl said...

I think I would get the skulls boots cause my grandson would love them. I want them to go down the canyon and not get bit by rattlesnakes, yup there still here..thanks for the exciting link girlfriend, I will go find my own :)

GerryART said...

Even if we had rain puddles I still couldn't pick just one pair.
Love 'em ALL ! ! ! !
how 'bout the pair with the rain gauge ! ! ! !

Busy Bee Suz said...

They are SO adorable. So, you didn't buy any after all that shopping? What kind of woman are you? You have self restraint?