Anyone really never heard this?
Naw, it's all over the world.... like flies on stink:)
And one of my favorites, so here it is

Now I'll be singin it all day
And that's a good thing Martha:)

Oh, and another thing.....

Are you a blogger who takes a break in the summer? I know a few or more who do. And I understand it, life gets busy when you aren't cooped up in the house. So many places to go and people to see and things to do. Oh, and Facebook (which I occasionally visit) and Pintrest (which I haven't got into yet) Well... if you do take a break, I hope you'll visit others who blog all the time (which I'm not one of either) when you find a minute or two. Don't let blogging go in the pile with the 8 Tracks:) But whatever...just do what makes ya smile.

Me? I'm so eclectic......
Ya gotta think about that one:)

~We coulda had it awwwwwl, rollin in the deeeeeep.......


Ruth P. said...

Have you heard her other songs? 'Rumor has it', and ... I forget -- she has about 3 hits, an amazing singer. I remember hearing this one for the first time, and just sitting up.
Yeah, me and the rest of the world.

I have no intention of not blogging in the summer (yes, I do want to blog, that was a double negative before and usually a nono), but life may get in the way..

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love Adelle!!!!!
Summer? It is summer all year round here.