Hi ya Teach!

I made it to class again :)

Think I'll do something a little different this week.

Like get up in front of the class,

put your silly hat on my head,

grab the chalk,

move the blackboard,

take your stick, 

tap it on the desk,

and say.....

  • C is the 2nd consonant in the alphabet 
  • C is considered to be an average grade in most academic institutions
  • C can sound like the letter K, as in "cookie" but it can also sound almost like the letter s, as in cinema.
  • C is the first letter in our alphabet that looks the same whether it is in Capital Case or lower case. 

So with all that in mind,


IS FOR....


Don't know the word?

Well, it means UNRULY...

Only with a C

Here, lemme show ya....

 Camsteary mud..

 and kids..

 and Pig Tails..

  and curlers..

  and canines...

  and economy...

 and fear..

 and fingers..

 and garages..

 and hair loss..

 and camping..

 and dunce hats..

 and manes..

 and ducklets..

 and monsters..

  and punkins..

 and men is skirts..

 and ewes..

and purple things..

 and stars..

 and wolves..

  and tongues..

and hair..


 and classes with subs..

 and puppies..

 and venom..

 and wannabe NBA players..

 and worms..

and sheep...

no wait, that's not sheep,
that's CAMSTEARY nudists :)



Okay, Okay...

here's the hat,

and the chalk,

and the blackboard.

But I'm keeping the stick for awhile.

I'm pretty sure I know what you'll do with it if I don't :)

 Ok all you non-CAMSTEARY 

visitors can go HERE for more classroom education...

See ya next week!

Sorry for the not-so-clear pictures..
It's late, I'm in a hurry to post this,
and I found them all over the place :)

Keep Smilin :)


H said...

I love the caravan-towing aeroplane! If only!!

Fun C post (but I should hold onto that stick for a while!!)

Sue said...

heehee on the passing-for-sheep nudists.

I learned a new word today. And I had fun doing it.



skinner675 said...

I think you cheated a bit with some of those 'not beginning with or having the letter 'c' in them' but maybe Miss won't notice!!

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Loved favorite was the plane hauling the camper!

And that last shot where she's holding the chalk in front of the blackboard? I thought she was giving the finger. For real. I laughed. Loud.

C is for Change in a Bottle. xo

Gattina said...

Hehehehe ! Now at least I now everything about C or c !

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

It's probably a good idea to hold on to the stick for a little while..

I'm just sayin....

JDaniel4's Mom said...

My son could have been pictured in this post.

Jackie said...

Lol Camsteary is one word I have never heard before . Ty Penningtons hair is Camsteary LOL !

Jo said...

those nudists are funny ... i really thought that they were sheep ... i must be very suggestible ...

Tracy said...

This was a fun colection thanks made me smile

Sue said...

Where the heck did you ever find the
word "camsteary" LOL

Thanks for the morning brightener!



Cheryl said...

The quality of the pictures only made this more hilarious! Got me at the men in skirts.

Pondside said...

The camsteary puppies photo came just in time...I'd been looking at breeders' websites in search of a puppy. Am now taking a deep breath and remembering.....

Jenny said...

Hey, you're pretty rowdy for a girl that still has three boxes unpacked! mwahahahahahahahaha!

You're a nut! It's nice to see you having a moment to stir up trouble again.

Your pictures, as always, are totally hilarious!

Thanks for being you.

You are a wonder.


Susan said...

ROTFFLMAO!!! that was awesome, truly.
The substitute teachers one really made me Crack up! but to be honest...if that is an UNRULY Garage...I'll take it!
Thanks for the fun :)